Friday, July 13, 2012

Breaking News! Do You Know What Today Is?

I just received an email from the kn*t informing me that today is "Black Friday in July". I guess it's time to take advantage of the sales and finally invest in that name change kit I've been eyeing. Oh! and I can also buy bikini bags for my bridesmaids! And have them personalized.

For the record, I only signed up on the kn*t because they have a ridiculous amount of content available. When I was looking for advice on etiquette for divorced families at weddings, they had a lot of links for me to click. Many of them were worthless, but at least it was a starting place. They also have fairly good local vendor directories for obscure locations and lots and lots of pictures of dresses and hairstyles, which can be helpful.

However, the constant barrage of "YOU MUST BUY THIS NOW" e-mails that have been flooding my inbox is ridiculous, especially since the stuff offered is total cheap-o crap. And picking a random Friday in July and calling it "black friday" is just too much. As if one crazy psychotic consumer holiday wasn't enough. ugh. gross.

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