Double E's Life List

After being inspired by Mighty Girl, I couldn't help but make my own list. I'll link back here whenever I check things off. Hopefully my ideas will help inspire you to make your own list! It really does de-clutter your brain in the most wonderful way.

Write a Book
Adopt a dog
Take Mom to Europe
Visit Russia
Live west of the continental divide
Hike the Pacific Crest Trail
Run a Marathon
Run a 1/2 Marathon
Stamp Every Continent in my current Passport
Hike in Patagonia
Bake all of our bread myself
Learn to play the mandolin
Plant a tree
Driving Tour of Eastern Europe
Live in another country
Marry the Grige
Plant and eat from our own garden
Ski the alps
Start my own business
Take a surfing lesson
Become fluent in another language
Safari in Botswana
Read 1000 books
Build something I'll use everyday
Throw a fancy dinner party
Learn basic butcher skills and clean my own meat
Bake the Grige a three-tiered birthday cake
Actually surprise the Grige with a gift he likes
Unapologetically wear bright red lipstick
Visit Norway
Visit Iceland
Complete a triathalon (any distance)
Practice Yoga every day.
Be a Mom
Ski on a glacier
Hike in Alaska, maybe ride a dogsled??
Visit all 50 States
Master 10 delicious meals that can be cooked on an open fire
Learn to play Tennis well enough to play with the Grige
Take a kayak vacation
Run a 50k ultra trail run
Live on the water
Try yoga on a stand up paddle board
Become a yoga instructor
Learn about nutrition
Try one Bon Appetit recipe each month
Eat Pain au chocolate in France
Sing karaoke in Japan
Charter a sailboat with friends
Look in the mirror and not have a single negtive thought
Bike through Italy with the Grige
Learn to work on my own bike (with tools and everything)
Make some art that is worthy for display at home
Renovate a room without professional help
Sew my own clothes
Throw a party for no reason
Go to Coachella with Tom and Dawn
Own a home
Start a trend
Take an Island vacation with the Grige
Eat at a 5-star restaurant
Serve friends a multiple course meal
Sleep in a tree house
Teach the Grige to sail
Ask for a promotion
Plant a tree
Spectate the Olympics
Help harvest olives
Read every book by John Irving
Read every Shakespeare play
See the Royal Shakespeare Company perform
Be a manager
Design my dream kitchen
Get up on one waterski
Work in a bookstore
Learn to tie a tie
Have a drink named after me
Start a foundation
Get dreadlocks
Coach Girls on the Run
Foster pets
Encourage strangers
Go to Oktoberfest
Teach someone to love the outdoors
Reduce our carbon footprint
Learn to cook and prepare 100 new fruits or vegetables
Be served breakfast in bed
Interview someone for a magazine
Give someone a nickname
Spend the night in a castle
Live on a working farm
Make my own cheese
Make a large (>$1000) donation to a public school music program
Buy the Grige a piano
Wear hot pink nail polish
Choose 100 favorite books
Swim in a hot spring
Keep a garden
Ski three times/year (in MO, this will actually be a real feat)

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