Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A New Wedding Theme...

I have been obsessed with wedding themes lately, perhaps as a way to pass off the stress of our impending wedding. We didn't spend much time thinking about a theme, it just sort of seemed obvious. We both love green, and the outdoors, and the ceremony would be taking place under a willow: Boom! "A Walk in the Woods".

I like to think that if the Grige wasn't a designer, and totally into our wedding not being one giant joke, I would have had a more creative theme. My favorite until yesterday was "Finding Nemo". I imagine decorations sort of like the dance scene in Back to the Future, fish as centerpieces, seafood on the menu, a whale sounds dinner soundtrack, a first dance to "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid, bridesmaids in orange dresses with white stripes, seaweed bouquets, guys in orange ties... The list goes on and on. It would have been awesome, just saying. Also, decor and details would have been easy, because kid's movies make it their business to make sure there is more movie paraphenalia out there then a bride could possibly know what to do with.

Just Keep Swimming!
Source: Dinsney Pixar,

Then, yesterday, I found the most amazing website on the planet and decided that I really should have thrown a "Cow" wedding. Moo Moo to you too! I'm not even going to embed that link because I want you to go to the website that badly. Check out the "cow party" section (which is a grillion pages long) and let your imagination run wild. Country music would fit well with this, as would a "cow pie" wedding cake (aka: giant brownie) and bottled beer (in cow coozies, no less).


So there. I have planned two weddings for you. Have fun.

The theme fixation doesn't stop there. I'm starting to feel like our theme is evolving to something like "it's the thought that counts". I know, you're thinking that is a weird theme, but let me tell you why. About a week ago, I was planning to get ahead of the game and send all of the Grige's and my important documentation up to Michigan so that we wouldn't lose it in the move before applying for our marriage license. Luckily, before I sent, I opened the envelope with "THE GRIGE'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE" written on it in giant print. And guess what. It was empty. So now, the Grige will spend his last two days on the East Coast running around Maryland trying to get a new birth certificate. Fun times. Something tells me that it's not going to happen.

If that were all, it might just be funny. We'd get officially married at city hall in St. Louis in October or November, which would be kind of fun, and everything would be fine. Except that it's not all. I noticed yesterday that my wedding band (which I ordered 2 weeks ago) hadn't shipped yet. I called the jeweler, and guess what? They never placed the order. Gahhhhhhhh. In the best case scenario, the ring will arive the day before the wedding. Something tells me that is not going to happen either. Womp Womp.

Good thing I have a solution!
Photo: Chad Fisk
So now, we are most likely going to be missing two of the most fundamental and legally significant aspects of the wedding, which makes me very sad. But hey, "it's the thought that counts", right guys? ha. ha. ha.


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