Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What to WEAR!?

So I've been stressing a bit about what to wear to our rehearsal dinner. It's like the wedding dress part was so painless that I feel the need to stress myself out about another piece of clothing that I'll probably only wear once.

I'm usually a bit skeptical (to use a nice word) about Victoria's Secret, mostly because their models perpetuate impossible standards for beauty that I don't like being reminded I'll never fit. However, they know how to cut a dress for a woman's body. Everything piece of clothing I've ever bought from them has been well-made, relatively (hello, J.crew!) inexpensive and has made my body look FANTASTIC. This cannot have been easy for them, because I am flat-chested and look perpetually 3 months preggo (thanks for the genes, Mom!). However, if you haven't given them a try, order a few dresses for this summer/spring. They're great to wear out because they are machine washable and very comfortable, usually with an excellent built-in bra.

So back to the task at hand - a rehearsal dinner dress. What do we think of this?

Photo: Victoria's Secret

I'll be awaiting reactions...

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