Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems....

.... Like getting a shaving cream pie in your dirty billionaire face at a parliamentary hearing:

How clearly I remember when Rupert Murdoch purchased The Wall Street Journal. I sat with my banker Dad on our porch, twin Adirondack chairs facing the street with The Weekend Journal between us like a smoking gun. I think it's the closest I ever got him to actually consider switching to The New York Times (a subtle fight we've been engaged in for years)

Like a typical teenager on a soapbox, I probably over-used the term "evil empire" and lost my battle yet again. My Dad insisted that his beloved bastion of financial news couldn't change much without losing it's audience, and that the purchase was simply a rather impulsive money grab by a powerful man, rather than an attempt to control the every thought of our nation.

Freaking Dr Evil

At the time, I was too disgusted with the fact that I was sprung from a man who wouldn't change his newspaper allegiance on principle alone to notice that he was probably right. After watching Mr. Murdoch get the pie treatment yesterday, I started thinking about all the problems that come with having more money.

After I made my last 2 job changes, I was shocked at how much money I wasn't saving. I thought I would literally be lounging in a bathtub full of singles with a glass of champagne when I wasn't at work.

In reality, I didn't notice my life change much, but somehow I managed to spend all that "extra" money. Granted, one cannot live on ramen and 3 buck chuck forever. There were also a lot of big ticket items (like new glasses and contacts, a bed, and furnishings for my new apartment) that I put off purchasing when I wasn't making much. Even after I bought all those things, it seems like there is always a vacation or a new suit or a "special" dinner out that cuts into those projected savings. It's become apparent that even with strict budgeting, making more money means that I "require" more stuff.

I actually think it's pretty unlikely that the Murdoch's knew exactly what was going on at News of the World, and I almost feel bad for them. They have a lot of publications to keep up with, and one doesn't exactly run to the boss with an exit strategy after authorizing illegal actions to sell the product. 

Everybody (including Rupert Murdoch) knows that more money = more problems (read: more money = more responsibility). If that occasionally means getting a shaving cream pie in your face, I guess you'll just have to cry it out in your Bentley and increase your executive oversight in the remainder of your news empire. 

Yours in cream pie,
Double E 

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