Wednesday, July 20, 2011

House of Cards

I am living in a house of cards. Flash cards, that is. They are everywhere! I feel like I'm sharing our tiny apartment with someone who is learning english and trying to label everything. 

The toilet is intransigent.
The closet is pernicious.
The kitchen is insipid.
My bookshelf (and I do say mine, because all of these words are housed in my books. I don't need the ridiculous cards) is iconoclast. 

They're grouped by whatever standards the GRE has deemed necessary, and they seem to follow me everywhere. My gym sock was redoubtable this morning and thank heaven too. It smelled nothing of the sort. 

This doesn't have much to do with money, except that if I had more, I would probably have rented a hotel room for the Grige to live in with all these stupid cards. At least until the test is over. 


Double E

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