Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Monday!

Please allow me to make an announcement. You may have noticed that I am kind of an APW groupie. I link back there all the time, and the backbone of my entire marriage planning strategy is built on the backbone of awesome that those ladies bring to the internet day after day. And today, they are running a post that I wrote! I wish I could accurately portray my excitement in writing, but I can’t. You will just have to imagine me jumping up and down behind the filing cabinet in my cubicle. If you came over from APW, welcome, and please imagine me jumping up and down with a secret “I <3 Team Practical” shirt under my blazer.
Yep, I get to marry that guy!
Photo: Megan Shiley

So for APW visitors, here’s the best of the wedding-related stuff I’ve got:
Single me talks about affording weddings: Other People's Weddings and You can't Spray Roundup on Jesus

Our engagement announcement and why our wedding won't be about us: On Weddings, Spending and Self-Definition

In which I promise to love my wedding for what it is, and not what I wanted it to be: My Vow to Our Wedding

I argue that I should get work experience credit for planning my monstrosity of a wedding: Wedding Planning as Project Management Experience

I break down and do a little much needed wedding b*tching: Wedding Planning: 4 Months Out

I start talking about our marriage counseling, but get distracted by Shakespeare references: A Small Identity Crisis

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  1. I'm an APW visitor who read your post about project management experience, and I just want to say YES. TOTALLY. As someone about 3 months into "officially" planning this thing, I really want to have some kind of acknowledgement on paper of how much work this stuff is. Also, so I can talk about our wedding with potential employers as a captive audience. We should put it under the "Projects and Awards" area of our resumes.