Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

Rainy days are EXPENSIVE.

When it rains, my beloved bike Cecilia stays safely in our building’s bike room and I pony up nearly $4.00 each way to get breathed on and pushed around by a mass of fleshy, germ-ridden horror on the metro.

I also don’t really feel like going to yoga when it’s raining, which means I’m wasting the cost of my unlimited membership by not attending as many classes as possible.

Rain makes me lazy, and that means….. DELIVERY! The only escape from this fate is the off chance that there is a frozen pizza in our freezer.

Rainy days also exponentially increase the chance of me ruining a piece of clothing and/or purchasing something to entertain me while I am stuck inside.

So here is a little run down of what all these crappy, rainy days are costing me:

Metro: $8.00
Yoga (lack thereof): $10.00
Delivery dinner for two: $25.00
Ruined shoes: $30.00 (that’s right, I wear cheap-a** flats because this happens all the time)
New book or game: $15.00

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